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Dotnet Days: OAuth – The good Parts

Datum a čas: přidat do kalendářepřidat do kalendáře čtvrtek 22. dubna 2021, 17:30 - 20:00
Místo: Online
Organizátor: Miroslav Zajíc- Dotnet Days
Tým Dotnet Days Vás zve na online akci Dotnet Days: OAuth – The good Parts.

Zahraniční, speaker Dominick Baier, spolutvůrce frameworku IdentityServer, IdentityModel a PolicyServer, pro Vás připravil přednášku na téma OAuth protocol.

OAuth has been around for more than 10 years now, and has become the standard protocol for token-based security. Like every popular technology that has been growing with its requirements, there are some things which work really well, and some that did not quite stand the test of time. This talk looks at the essentials you should know about, if you would enter the OAuth ecosystem today. Which protocol flows and extensions should you study, which "dialects" like OpenID Connect are important, and if you decide to dive deeper, what would that "recommended reading" list look like?

Akce se koná 22. dubna v 17:30 prostřednictvím live-stream vysílání.
Přednáška bude v anglickém jazyce.
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Místo konání: Online