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How to leverage micro-services and Azure in big projects - Catalin Ionut Fratila

Datum a čas: přidat do kalendářepřidat do kalendáře středa 9. března 2016, 18:30 - 20:30
Místo: Praha - NCR
Organizátor: Jakub Jenis- [user:jakubjenis]
Are you tired of using IIS and old ways of ASP.NET? Join the talk and learn why to switch to OWIN and Katana, using microservices middleware, selfhosting and leveraging the cloud to build scalable distributed systems.

We will touch on how to approach common day to day issues in distributed systems like:
  • scaling of services
  • logging
  • monitoring
  • error handling
  • deployment
  • versioning and more

Main topics: OWIN/Katana, Azure, Cloud Services, Table Storage, Traffic Manager and many more.

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Language: English

Presenter: Catalin Ionut Fratila
Catalin has been part of Skype for almost 2,5 years, working on projects like Account Portal (web application where you can manage your profile/subscriptions/etc.) and currently on Skype WebClient (https://web.skype.com). Mostly doing backend work, creating micro-services using technologies like C# and Azure. Before Skype worked in Avira, the antivirus company and developed a distributed system for managing registered devices for Avira users.

Místo konání: Praha - NCR

Rohanské Nábřeží 678/29 Praha 8, 18600

Rivergarden, vchod C.